How to Win Big Money on Bitcoin Slots

How to Win Big Money on Bitcoin Slots

Best Bitcoin slots sites offer players opportunities to earn big winnings. However, these winnings will be completely random. But how can you increase the probability of winning big on your own? That is the question we tried to answer in this article and give you some recommendations. Follow them and you will get closer to your life-changing winnings much faster than choosing random crypto slots.

To understand how slots work, you need to study a lot of information. You need this information to understand the specifics of each game. For example, you should know what RTP is and how it affects winnings, as well as have an idea of the volatility and choose games with maximum multipliers. We strongly advise against using different playing strategies, which will lead you to lose.

Determine the Amount of the Bankroll

The first thing you need to decide is how much bankroll you need. A bankroll is an amount of money that is only used for betting in the casino. This is the money that you have allocated exclusively for gambling. However, you may cash out a portion of your bankroll that exceeds your bankroll.

To more or less understand the game and get the returns you need to have 1,000 bets in your account. This is the minimum value. Of course, it is a good idea to have 2,000 minimum bets in your account. This is to be able to handle different drawdowns without losing all of your money. Having such a bankroll will help you withstand 100 or even 200 losing spins in a row and you won’t lose much.

Choose Slots with a Higher RTP

Once you’ve decided what kind of cash you need, it’s time to choose a slot by RTP. We would recommend looking at Bitcoin slots located at 7BitCasino, Mirax Casino or KatsuBet Casino. These are proven and reliable platforms to play with cryptocurrency. In addition, there are so many slots here that have a theoretical return rate of 96-97%. Many of the slots have a high variance, which indicates that you can win a lot of money in just one spin.
To summarize, you need to choose slots that have an RTP of at least 96%. That’s the minimum you’d better not go below because you’re risking your money. So be sure to check the information on the slots before you start playing.

Amount of Total Bet

It doesn’t matter what your bet is. For the slot, it will just be a bet and they don’t realize how big it is. For you, however, it is very important, because the number of spins that your bankroll will be able to handle depends on it. It is highly recommended that you select all paylines at the same time, and you don’t have to play a different number for each spin. Moreover, choose the minimum bet in the slot. If it is 0.00002 BTC then play this bet all the time. The fact is that even at this bet size you can still win a huge amount.

Determine the Maximum Loss

All players are advised to set a stop loss for themselves. This is when you lose a certain amount and stop. You can come back to play the next day or the week after that. It is up to each user to set this interval. You should also define the percentage which you can lose. For example, it can be 10% of your bankroll. Keep in mind, you cannot lose more than this threshold. In this way, you train your discipline and spend your money much smarter. It is also advisable to change Ethereum casinos more often, choosing a new gaming platform periodically.


From this article you have learned the basic methods that will help you win big money at crypto slots. All these tips have been tested in real life and they can significantly increase your chances of winning. You need to follow these rules strictly, and then the winnings will not be long in coming. If you deviate from these rules, the result may be negative. So make sure that all the steps are strictly followed.